Florence Postollec, PhD

ADRIA – UMT14.01 SPORE Risk – Food safety & quality department, Quimper, FRANCE

Invito a seminario

Il 26 Ottobre 2017 ore 16-18  (aula congressi del 1° piano, AREA CNR, Bari) la Dott.ssa Florence Postollec di ADRIA (Quimper, Francia) terrà  un seminario dal titolo “Sym’Previus, a generic approach of predictive microbiology to optimize process, shelf-life and assess microbiological food quality & safety” organizzato come segue:

  1. i) general introduction of predictive microbiology
    ii) Sym’Previus platform, quality control and process
    iii) demo and practical cases (limitato ad un numero massimo di 20 partecipanti).

Si prega di compilare il modulo di registrazione e inviarlo all’indirizzo e-mail specificando l’eventuale adesione alla DEMO.

Cordiali saluti

Francesca Valerio

Florence Postollec is project manager at ADRIA Food Technology Institute, Quimper, France. She was trained as a biochemist and obtained a PhD degree on bacterial interactions at the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands. She gained experience on molecular microbiology when she joined ADRIA in 2005 as a post doc working on the detection and identification of sporeformers involved in food spoilage. Within the frame of a competitive technological cluster ACTIA UMT 14.01 SPORE RISK, she is collaborating with the Mafart Team on risks associated with foodborne sporeformer contaminants along a 10 years Research & Development axis. As a project manager in food safety and quality, she is particularly active in setting up project coordination between the multiple stakeholders and results dissemination on the use of mathematical models to predict bacterial behaviour to optimize process and adjust food shelf-life.

ADRIA Food Technology Institute is an independent and non-profit organisation, leading research in food safety and quality. Located in Quimper, we are nationally recognised as an accredited laboratory conducting food microbiology testing according to ISO standards requirements, bacterial typing and challenge test (COFRAC, DGAL) and food technological research organisation (ITAI, CRT) providing technical support, service, expertise and training to SMEs and industrial companies.

As well as being the leading European expert lab on validation of alternative methods in food microbiology (ISO 16140, AOAC-RI), ADRIA runs intensive research programs and is in charge of updating and computer encoding of developed mathematical predictive models through the Sym’Previus platform ( Within the frame of ACTIA UMT14.01SPORE RISK competitive technological cluster, we have had a 10 year of working partnership with LUBEM university laboratory on microbial spoilers in food. This collaboration has a strong emphasize on transfer of applied knowledge using decision making tools, tailored made training programs and workshop to further ensure industrial use and outreach.

Within the European DREAM project (FP7-222654-2; 2009-2013; we started a collaboration with CNR-ISPA aimed at widening the use of the Sym’Previus platform to spoilage and technological microorganisms for food quality prediction.

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