Our experience at the IFE – International food & Drink event ends today.

London – metropolitan city that unites thousands of different cultures able to interact with each other, giving life to something extraordinary in taste and culinary creativity.

This is the brief account of our mission in the United Kingdom: to know, experience and listen to the needs of costumers or international buyers who are confronted for the first time with the tastes and smells of our culture – the Salento one – apparently unfriendly from what could be habits in other countries of the world.

Great was the success of Puccia Salentina and the organic friendly line. Simple and tasty products able to export the flavors of “home” even thousands of kilometers away, always bringing back to that authentic flavor that characterizes the craftsmanship of products entirely Made in Puglia.

What’s cooking?

Vallefiorita believes and will continue to believe in the export sector because in our company baggage lives the legacy of our ancestors who have not left only simple recipes, but true icons of the Apulian culture that deserve to be known and appreciated all over the world.

In fact, the International Food & Drink event in London has made this possible with interactions between companies and individuals able to create synergies that surely extend the corporate vision.

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