Sweet&Savory consumption of 08/09/2017

Valle Fiorita is best known for the production of filled sandwiches (sandwiches and focaccia). For some years, however, the company has also started the production of bread substitutes: “And it was a great success”, exults the managing director, Pietro Minisci. “In a short time this segment, with 4 million euros, has conquered 50% of the company turnover and 65% of the volumes handled”. Furthermore, in the first six months of 2017, the company reports a 30% increase in the number of bottles sold over the previous year, with the salumi puccia at the top of the sales class. “It is a bread of Arab origin that due to its softness is reminiscent of white pizza and is excellent for home filling. In fact, our mission is to reproduce traditional products in a modern way. Hence also the gourmet panettone, which we renamed Pansurprise “, specifies Ad. This choice was also motivated by the strong interest the company had for traditional and traditional products by consumers of Gd and Do, an exclusive reference channel for Valle Fiorita, which develops 5% of its turnover in the foreign market, especially France and United Kingdom. “Our latest novelty”, adds Pietro Minisci, “is a white pizza base with a Roman type of dough”.

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