Come and taste our products at Eataly! For the whole month of April and May

Come and visit us at Eataly to buy and taste our products like Pansurpise classico and multigrain, Pucci Salentina and Ciabatta Salentina!

Every month, various local companies are selected to exhibit and taste their products interacting directly with customers, thus having the opportunity to make known the history of their company and the production processes that link the land to the flavors on our tables.

Eataly Porta del Sud – The producers’ square

“With this project we want to give substance to a new chapter in the creation of what we call the market. We will involve tanticontadini, producers and artisans who, together with us, within the Eataly points, will talk about goodness, quality and uniqueness “.

Andrea Guerra, President of Eataly

Every month we will host 10 companies, selected with the precious help of Slow Food, recreating a small market in which to propose to the public and enriching the shopping experience through teaching and free tasting sessions.

The goal is to focus attention on the men, on the passion and the work hidden behind these products rich in history and culture. In fact, we want to open a new path in the world of food distribution and the marketing of quality artisan products.

“South Gate is an initiative that can be taken as a model. An alliance that I hope can bear fruit and be a great success in Italy and in the world. My wish is that everyone can do their part and Slow Food can play an active role in sensitizing the supply chain trying to alleviate the suffering of every component of the production chain “.Carlin Petrini, Founder of Slow Food

Through this new project, we will be able to take care of the Italian territory of the South, thus discovering those food and wine excellences worthy of attention but too small to have the strength to emerge independently.

In the beautiful setting located a few steps from the sea of ??Bari, the producers will tell us stories and passions that are at the center of their daily work, in a continuous exchange of ideas and emotions. You just have to come to Eataly Bari to discover the new project on the Biodiversity of Southern Italy.

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MON – YOUTH and SUN: from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm – FRIDAY-SATURDAY : from 10.00 to 12.00 pm