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Pansurprise is a gourmet panettone for filling, prepared only using natural ingredients and Italian wheat flours. The sourdough, extra virgin olive oil and addition of milk in the dough make it soft and light, ideal for both sweet and savoury fillings.

It is pre-cut into horizontal slices and and is quick and easy to fill with cured meats, spreads, patè, savoury mousses, as well as jams and other sweet ingredients.

Pansurprise is a product that delights those who taste it and that stimulates the creativity of those who prepare it, since its artisanal flavour easily combines with recipes and  fillings of all kinds. Perfect for a party with friends or as a lavish starter for a special dinner.

Varieties: Classic, Multigrain


Allow yourself to be inspired by our Pansurprise: tasty, packaged gourmet panettones, perfect for customising

Here are some simple but undoubtedly
tasty recipes using our Pansurprise

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