Pizza bases

Goodness made light!

Valle Fiorita’s Pizza Bases, with their high-hydration dough and more than 24 hours’ natural leavening process, respect and enhance the traditional flavours of Italian gastronomy. The sourdough and 100% Made in Italy wheat flours are what make this product authentic, rigorously hand-rolled to preserve its artisanal aspect and naturalness.

Valle Fiorita’s Pizza Bases are unique in taste and consistency because they used micro-filtered sea water in order to create a naturally salty pizza with a light and fragrant consistency. Once baked and stuffed, the dough will surprise you with its crustiness and digestibility, characteristics that make it exceptional and irreplaceable in a balanced and varied diet.

Varieties: Classic, Wholegrain, Ancient Grains, Ready Napoli


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Ecco alcune ricette semplici ma
decisamente gustose con le nostre basi pizza

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