Not just a sandwich, nor just a pizza. But much more!

The softness of the bread and the unmistakeable aroma of pizza: introducing the innovative Panpizza di Valle Fiorita, stone baked at a high temperature after a long and slow natural leavening process.

The Panpizza dough is handmade by our bakers using specific, unique ingredients, such as micro-filtered sea water, extra virgin olive oil and sourdough, made daily at the Valle Fiorita bakeries.

With its mild taste and easy digestibility, Panpizza combines exceptional flavours and raw materials with a continuous desire to transform the tastes and recipes of the past and adapt them to contemporary needs.


Allow yourself to be inspired by our Panpizza: tasty, packaged and perfect for filling

Here are some simple but undoubtedly
tasty recipes using our Panpizza

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