The tomorrow of the past

Valle Fiorita has been committed to the production of ethical food for over 25 years.

Following the rhythm of the seasons, the best 100% Italian grains are transformed into baked products with important nutritional and health values, following the principles of the Mediterranean diet and regional traditions.

Only by supporting nature and respecting it during every production phase does Valle Fiorita build and imagine the future: good food is created from knowledge and experiences linked to the territories, thus becoming the pillar of a healthy, green, natural lifestyle, fundamental for the well-being of both the people and the Earth.

Six actions that Valle Fiorita implements every day for a good, responsible supply chain.


The gastronomic heritage of our ancestors contains unique flavours and ancient recipes. We aim to bring them back to your tables with an innovative and health-conscious approach.


Manually and with passion, because craftsmanship is contact, care and attention to the well-being of the people who choose us for their daily nourishment.


Knowing how to follow the rhythms of nature always produces great emotions: just as we prefer natural leavening in our preparations, we also support each member of our team in enhancing their natural talents in favour of the collective interest.


The wisdom, processes and stories behind food, because the most important ingredients of a land’s culture are not simply “things to eat”.


Starting from the authenticity of each recipe, we always look for ways to improve our recipes over time. Thanks to the desire to learn, we deploy new techniques and knowledge for a forward-looking handcrafted supply chain.


We draw the best raw materials from nature, because the greatest gratification is that you can also see its beauty in every product.

La nostra


25 years of history, 25 years of experience, 25 years of research.

Valle Fiorita was founded in Puglia and links many traits of its essence and existence to this region. Throughout these years, the company has generated a human and social capital that is rich in facets, which is difficult to quantify, but which is reflected in every product. Cross-border rigour and research, ancient knowledge and technologies, human relationships and innovation: time, for Valle Fiorita, has been the bearer of wisdom, excellence and new challenges for quality, adding a depth of vision for the advancement of the company and its history, always connected to the land and locations.


Valle Fiorita is a food production company founded on authenticity and specialising in the production of baked products intended for filling, flat breads, Pucce, Pansurprise, in addition to Focaccia alla Pala, protein pizzas, Neapolitan pizza and low-GI breads. High quality foods with specific attention to health which, thanks to the use of traditional methods, excellent raw materials, natural leavening and stone baking, make Valle Fiorita a unique company on the market.


Valle Fiorita puts food safety first and has achieved certifications over the years that attest to its compliance with production standards and environmental sustainability.

Valle Fiorita has adopted an organisational model and related code of ethics which constitute the reference basis for operational conduct, audit and control activities, useful for preventing possible crimes covered by Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was founded in 1998 to guarantee that branded products are obtained according to well-defined quality standards and in compliance with minimum requirements. It can be compared to a specification that binds qualified suppliers to the distribution company.
The IFS Food Standard (IFS) is an international standard based on a shared assessment method for qualifying and selecting food suppliers. The objective is to build trust in products and processes by ensuring safety, quality, legality and compliance with specific customer requirements.
The ISO 14001 Standard is the regulatory reference point for companies and organisations that intend to equip themselves with an Environmental Management System, aimed at managing environmental aspects, meeting legislative compliance obligations and addressing and assessing risks and opportunities.
Bioagricert is one of the leading bodies in Italy in the certification of organic and quality agricultural food production. Since 1984, Bioagricert has supported companies in the process of qualifying products and processes based on national and international regulations.
ISO 22005:2008 implements Italian standard UNI 10939:01 on the “Traceability system in agricultural food supply chains” and Italian standard UNI 11020:02 on the “Traceability system in agricultural food companies” and applies to the entire agricultural food sector.
ISO 45001:2018 is the global international standard for occupational health and safety, issued to protect employees and visitors from work-related accidents and illnesses. The ISO 45001 certification was developed to mitigate all factors that can cause irreparable harm to employees and businesses.
The Authority has decided to update the legality rating of VALLE FIORITA S.R.L. (FORMERLY VALLE FIORITA CATERING S.R.L.) (Tax Code 01775410747) with the following score: ★★+. The company will be included in the list provided for by Article 8 of the Regulation.  

Il manifesto
di Vallefiorita

Sei azioni che ci siamo presi il gusto di rendere la nostra missione, per rendervi fieri di scegliere Valle Fiorita ogni giorno per la vostra alimentazione.

Vision e Mission

Valle Fiorita si impegna da quasi un secolo nella produzione di cibo etico.

Seguendo il ritmo delle stagioni, i migliori grani 100% italiani vengono trasformati in prodotti con alti valori nutrizionali e salutistici, seguendo i principi della dieta mediterranea e delle tradizioni regionali.

Solo assecondando la natura e rispettandola in ogni fase produttiva Valle Fiorita costruisce e immagina il futuro: un cibo buono nasce da conoscenze ed esperienze legate ai territori, si nutre della cura artigianale e diventa il pilastro di uno stile di vita sana, green, naturale fondamentale per il benessere delle persone e della Terra.

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