A choice of authenticity: the real Puccia Salentina

Puccia Salentina is a product of the Pugliese tradition, the result of the blend of the different cultures that have emerged on the Mediterranean over the centuries. It is a soft bread that, when stuffed, can replace a meal or accompany soups and stews in the winter season. Valle Fiorita’s packaged Puccia Salentina is made using 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, extra virgin olive oil, sourdough, iodised salt and contains no preservatives. The traditional stone baking method enhances its aroma and flavour, making Puccia Salentina a modern food which, at the same time, recalls ancient methods and authenticity.

Varieties: Classic, Multigrain


Lasciati inspirare dalle nostre Pucce Salentine, gustose, confezionate e perfette da farcire

Here are some simple but undoubtedly tasty recipes using our Pucce

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