Supply Chain

& Sviluppo

L’azienda può anche vantare un laboratorio di Ricerca&Sviluppo interno, nel quale un team di ricercatori (biologi nutrizionisti e biotecnologi alimentari) sviluppa processi e prodotti da forno innovativi grazie all’impiego delle biotecnologie agroalimentari, per rispondere all’evoluzione del settore nei campi della qualità e sicurezza alimentare, della sostenibilità ambientale e della bioeconomia.
Tradizione e innovazione si fondono per soddisfare i consumatori più esigenti, attenti alla linea e alla salute ma che non vogliono rinunciare al gusto.

Research & Development

The company also boasts an internal Research & Development laboratory, in which a team of researchers (nutritional biologists and food biotechnologists) develops innovative baked processes and products thanks to the use of agricultural food biotechnology, to respond to the evolution of the sector in the fields of food quality and safety, environmental sustainability and the bioeconomy.
Tradition and innovation merge to satisfy the most demanding consumers, who are attentive to shape and health but who do not want to sacrifice taste.

Innovate by researching

Innovative SME

Thanks to incessant investments in R&D, Valle Fiorita has acquired the status of Innovative SME (the only SME in Italy out of all leavened bakery product companies) and has set up an internal microbiological research laboratory.
In the R&D laboratory, a team of expert researchers (nutritional biologists, food technologists and biotechnologists) is engaged in the design and experimentation of specific biotechnological protocols suitable for creating new, healthy, functional products and for improving existing products.

Andrea Minisci

Luana Nionelli

Sonia Convertino

Anna Zizza

Sara Gorgoni

Innovation of typical products of the Mediterranean Diet

The scientific approach is often ignored in the production of typical foods. This line of research aims to enhance and make the local agricultural food products more attractive and to create a network of synergies between the operators of the various agricultural food supply chains in the region of Puglia.


Creating a widespread centre of excellence in biotechnology applied to food, which brings together skills and technologies present in the region of Puglia.


Promoting the innovation of traditional agricultural food products (prodotti agroalimentari tradizionali – PAT) from Puglia through the application of biotechnological strategies, in order to bring them closer and adapt them to the needs of consumers in terms of organoleptic, health and nutritional characteristics.


Developing functional foods using typical traditional food matrices. This goal will be pursued by characterising the presence of the bioactive components present, applying chemical, agronomic, biotechnological and microbiological methodologies, as well as developing new process technologies.

The network of academic collaborations


Circular economy

Every reduction in food waste brings potential benefits for the environment and human health. The innovative approach of the Valle Fiorita R&D team is focused on the application of targeted biotechnological protocols for the recovery and enhancement of by-products and agricultural food waste.


Developing bio-transformation technologies and chemical processes for enhancing product waste.


Recover and transform company waste bread into a culture medium (Waste Bread Medium, WBM), suitable for the growth of microbial starters of industrial interest.


Revaluing waste from the brewing industry through fermentation, using selected lactic bacteria.

Terra Natìa Project

Valle Fiorita looks far ahead, starting from its own roots. The Terra Natìa project embodies the company vision of creating, starting immediately, a controlled production chain that not only transforms traditional Apulian grains, but cultivates them directly. In its land located in the Ostuni countryside, Valle Fiorita grows native varieties of durum wheat, barley and alternative cereals. The ambition is to create a production model from seed to plate oriented towards the creation of a niche of gastronomic excellence at 0 Km, made using purely controlled raw materials that reflect the authenticity of the entire Apulian ecosystem.

Energy from renewable sources

We use photovoltaic panels from which we take energy for our production.


Valle Fiorita mette al primo posto la sicurezza alimentare e si è dotata nel corso degli anni di certificazioni che ne attestano la conformità a standard di produzione e sostenibilità ambientale.


We make things simple

Simplicity forms the basis of our products because simple things are always the best.

  • Simplicity of ingredients: few and genuine
  • Simplicity of the supply chain: short and controlled
  • Simplicity of preparation: quick and easy

del giorno

La terra che ispira i prodotti Valle Fiorita è bella e generosa e abbiamo voluto renderle omaggio in queste illustrazioni, mese dopo mese.

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